Fair Terms of Use

Conditions, Copyright and Privacy Policy for Teem


Copyright licensing of users’ contributions

Please only upload or contribute content for which you have the rights to do so. Do notand don’t publish copyright infringing, defamatory or otherwise criminal content.

You agree to release your contributions under our default license, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, except if a different license is chosen by the community where you are contributing. You may upload contents with a different license if this license is explicitly specified.

Tick the box at registration to agree to the terms of use and to license your contributions under a CC.



This software is provided with no warranty. Please use the software as you see fit (we hope you will like it!). We are trying hard to make the software as robust and flexible as we can, though. We will be happy to receive your feedback and complaints, using Github issues.

Privacy and data collection

Content removal:

OfFrom our own accord, we will not censor, delete or modify the content you create and upload, unless these Terms of Use are violated (e.g. illegal content, copyright infringing, defamatory or otherwise criminal content) or we are legally obliged to.

Personal data:

You user name may be a pseudonym, as there is no obligation to state your real name.

We require you to provide a valid email address to recover your password, notifications, and in case we need to communicate with you.

We will not transfer your personal datait to third parties without a judicial warrant.

You can always access, modify or delete your personal data.

Usage data:

We collect usage data for purposes of open-access research (e.g. interactions with thanks or reputation) and for improving the software (e.g. the user recommending the user other people or groups of interest).

We will not transfer it to authorities without a judicial warrant.

We will neither share it nor sell it to any third -parties.

Usage data will not be used to identify you. However, we may cluster the profiles of participants for the purpose of research or improving the platform (e.g. providing recommendations). Collected datasets will not be made public, but results of results of qualitative and quantitative analysis will be public.

Service Provider:

The service is provided by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), a nonprofit public research institution.

The platform code and documentation are licensed under a free/libre/open source software licence, indicated in the code repository in https://github.com/P2Pvalue/teem

We thank the EC Programme FP7-ICT-2013-10 Project: 610961 for supporting developments and research undertaken for the P2Pvalue project


These Terms of Use are under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license